Our tax experts frequently give you updates on various items in our fabulous NAHV videos.

March 2024 :

In five new videos, we provide you with tips for 2024 and the tax return for 2023!

Click here for the videos about:

Income tax return 2023

Entrepreneurs without a BV (private limited company)

Provisional tax assessment 2024

Have you reached the retirement age?

Tax interest

As of January 1st, 2024, a number of fiscal matters have changed again. Contact your regular contact person at NAHV for your 2024 Financial Checkup! Together, we will ensure that your financial affairs are in order, so that in 2024 you can focus on the things that you truly find important.

Call 020-6225509 or email via to make an appointment!

October 2023 :

Here are 5 short videos on the Dutch government’s new tax plan for 2024.






Check out our spring videos (May 2023) here.

Or check out our new year’s videos with tips and tricks for 2023.

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