Administration for (creative) entrepreneurs

Looking for a tax adviser, bookkeeper, accountancy firm, financial all-rounder or help with setting up a business and bookkeeping system? Then you’ve come to the right place. We help business people from A to Z. Our goal? To support entrepreneurs and freelancers. How? By helping them with their financial affairs.


Most small business owners don’t enjoy the paperwork that’s involved in running a company. With so many formalities to arrange – as well as filing tax returns with the tax office – it can be time-consuming and complicated. You need to keep track of sales, expenses, cash/bank transactions, generate invoices for your services, draw up contracts, agreements and quotations and (if applicable) keep a record of your hours.

You are also obliged to keep your bookkeeping and accounts for seven years and, if you own property, to keep all the documents relating to it for ten years.

Hire a bookkeeper?

Like every entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering whether to hire a bookkeeper, or do most of the work yourself. Our advice? Outsource your bookkeeping and accounting needs to a professional. Not only will this increase your efficiency and productivity but, in many cases, hiring a bookkeeper will save you money.

Providing your financial data

Many one-man businesses use an (online) bookkeeping programme, and send their financial data to us. With over 25 years’ experience with all bookkeeping programmes, we are always able to process your financial records, even if you only provide them on an Excel spreadsheet.

If you supply your details in a spreadsheet, we’ll take the liberty of helping you set up a better system, so you’ll be able to work more efficiently, and have more time to do what you enjoy. And there’s an added benefit: a more streamlined system means our services will be cheaper in the long-term.

The most widely used bookkeeping packages we work with are AFAS online and Exact online. You can subscribe to either one through us, although the choice of software is, of course, entirely up to you.

Who are we?

NAHV Belastingadviseurs is the finance and accountancy firm where you can ask the questions you never dared to ask. We specialise in tax and administrative solutions, and financial advice for (creative) entrepreneurs. We have over 3,500 regular clients ranging from artists, to journalists, architects and many other professionals and companies in the creative and cultural sector, as well as lawyers, independent contractors in the construction sector, physiotherapists and countless other professions. Whether you’re a freelancer or self-employed professional, director and major shareholder of a private limited company or a general partnership, we help everyone.

Our office has served Amsterdam and the surrounding area for 25 years. We have in-house experts, work as a team, take a proactive approach, and can keep the costs manageable.

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