Help with divorce, advice on legal separation

Are you in the middle of a divorce or separating from a partner, and looking for advice and support? Then you’ve come to the right place. We help entrepreneurs and private clients with all their financial, legal and personal issues.

Divorce and separation

Often, we use the term divorce when referring to a marriage that must be dissolved by a judge. Legal separation refers to the formal termination of a partnership between people who have lived together, or been involved in any kind of collaborative partnership, that is being ended. But before this becomes final, a great many formalities need to be arranged. Particularly if one of the two parties is a business owner. In addition to such things as the joint home, alimony and many others aspects, you also need to make arrangements for the legal and financial matters in connection with the company. Do you need advice? Call us. We’ll help you right away!

Key questions

Some of the most important aspects you both need to agree on include:

  • What are the tax implications of a divorce?
  • What are the financial implications of a divorce?
  • What happens to our home?
  • What happens to the pension entitlements built up during the marriage?
  • Are there debts? If so, who is responsible?

In our experience, business owners who are in this situation find it helpful to discuss these formalities with an expert. We have in-house specialists who can give you advice on the tax, legal and financial implications involved in ending a marriage or partnership. Our specialists can also assist you in drawing up a divorce settlement.

Divorcing when you are a business owner

Do you own a business or run a company with your partner? If so, you will probably need to take additional measures. What happens to the business after divorce? Will the company be split up? Will you and your partner continue working together. What financial agreements have you made? What happens if one of you quits the business? How will that affect your company’s continuity?

Sorting out a family business during a divorce or dissolution can be more complicated. You might even call it a specialist discipline. We’re experts in this field. We help small business owners through the divorce process, anticipate your needs, are proactive and act quickly, transparently and clearly. If you need advice and support, call or email us. We will be happy to help!

Who are we?

NAHV Belastingadviseurs is the finance and accountancy firm where you can ask the questions you never dared to ask. We specialise in tax and administrative solutions, and financial advice for (creative) entrepreneurs. We have over 3,500 regular clients ranging from artists, to journalists, architects and many other professionals and companies in the creative and cultural sector, as well as lawyers, independent contractors in the construction sector, physiotherapists and countless other professions. Whether you’re a freelancer or self-employed professional, director and major shareholder of a private limited company or a general partnership, we help everyone.

Our office has served Amsterdam and the surrounding area for 25 years. We have in-house experts, work as a team, take a proactive approach, and can keep the costs manageable.

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