Estate Coaching

Settling an estate isn’t always easy. Estate coaching provides a solution. We offer expert guidance and support and can help you settle the estate. Are you looking for a practical, highly skilled estate coach who will work with you to find the right solution? Then you've come to the right place. We’re here to help.

What is estate coaching?

Estate coaching is the fiscal and legal support and guidance offered during the estate settlement process. An estate coach is a confidential adviser and can do things like support the executor, assist in preparing the inheritance tax return, act as a point of contact for next of kin, and provide assistance where necessary in settling an estate.

What does an estate coach do?

Half of all estates end in conflict. As an estate coach, we assist surviving relatives (and/or executors) in settling the estate, or we assist you in settling your estate in advance. Our estate coach is there for people who want to properly arrange administrative, legal, and fiscal matters in advance. Our estate coach is also there to offer support if you need a confidant when it’s time to settle an estate. Our expert will step in and make the settlement process as smooth and thorough as possible.

Why an estate coach?

Experience proves that dividing an estate can often end in conflict. That’s often due to ignorance. Having an independent and knowledgeable third party assist the executor can help get things on the right track.

Estate planning

Estate planning ensures that you have control over what happens to your assets and liabilities. We can help by providing advance insight into the scope and composition of your future estate. We’ll also walk you through the legal and tax consequences in the event of your death and offer advice on drawing up a will. You can read more about estate planning on the ‘estate planning page.

Inheritance tax return

It’s easy to make mistakes when filing an inheritance tax return, and that can have serious consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right expertise available. Our advisers can play a key role in guiding you through this process.

More information

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