What’s new in 2023?

What will change in tax terms for the self-employed in 2023? And how can you respond to that? This is what we explain for you in five new videos with English subs.

What’s new in 2023?

Video 1: Retirement

Danny Pieters of NAHV tells us which changes 2023 brings as to pensions for the self-employed and how you can respond to this.


Video 2: Housing market

Danny explains what will change in 2023 with regard to regulation of the housing market  and what that can mean for you.


Video 3: Wealth tax/Box 3

Danny Pieters highlights which changes 2023 brings in the field of Wealth tax  and how to deal with it.


Video 4: Saving for entrepreneurs

In this video Danny makes some suggestions for entrepreneurs to save tax in 2023.


Video 5: Entrepreneurs with a BV (Ltd.)

Danny Pieters gives special tips for entrepreneurs with a BV (Ltd.) – especially important in 2023!


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