Melvin van Jaarsveld – van Loenen RB

Partner – Tax Advisor

After earning a degree in Economics, I worked for various companies where I gained considerable knowledge and experience in the field of taxation and payroll administration. While working full time, I also qualified as an accredited tax advisor with the Register Belastingconsulenten. I joined NAHV in 2003 and became a partner in January 2017. “Everyone has to pay taxes so we can maintain our current welfare system, but of course no one should pay too much… My goal is to make sure clients achieve the greatest tax benefits within the bounds of the law. Next to that, I really enjoy giving workshops and presentations for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Using clear, simple language to explain their rights and obligations when it comes to tax.”
My career started:
  • More then 15 years ago
Contact details:
020 - 622 55 09 06 - 426 112 66
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