Hans Driessen MB RB

Partner – Tax Advisor

I started my career in 1985 preparing tax returns, and gained professional qualifications while working full time. I joined NAHV in January 2000, and was made a partner in 2000. “With my varied clientele, and preference for taking an informal, personal approach, NAHV is my ideal firm. Entrepreneurs should be able to focus on their strengths, and not become too distracted by ‘secondary’ concerns like administration and the tax office. And I love helping them with this. I like to go the extra mile. To me, the tax return and financial statement provide the basis for solid, practical advice on tax and financial planning. My aim is to encourage clients to grasp the importance of planning ahead, and get them thinking. That way, we can help them achieve what’s best for them.”
My career started:
  • More then 30 years ago
Contact details:
020 – 622 55 09
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