Dennis Ketelaars RB

Partner – Tax Advisor

I started working for NAHV straight after leaving school. I studied to become an accredited Tax Advisor while working full time. I know NAHV and our clients inside out. In 2010, I was made a partner at NAHV. “As a tax advisor, my clients tend to be large companies, and directors and major shareholders like interim managers, software developers and consultants. Their unique situation presents all kinds of choices, and very diverse kinds of advice. Such as how much should my salary be? Should I use a company car or buy one privately? Should the mortgage be financed by the business or the bank? What I enjoy most about my job is the contact with our clients. So, I don’t just focus on the basics involved in a tax return or annual report. I always take time to discuss the documents. And the best way to do this is by visiting the client. That way, you always get a better sense of what they need, and can provide an even better service.”
My career started:
  • 20 years ago
Contact details:
020 – 622 55 09 06 – 547 44 991
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