Mr. Danny Pieters MSc MFP RB

Partner – Financial Advisor – Tax Advisor

When I completed my studies in 1999, I started my career with NAHV. After 3 years, I decided to leave to broaden my horizons and gain experience working for larger companies. I held different roles at several firms before becoming Tax Manager at PWC. I rejoined NAHV in 2013 and became a partner in 2015. “As a tax advisor, most of my clients are directors and major shareholders, and freelance contractors. I’m also a specialised and certified financial planner and pensions advisor. I can provide clients with tax and financial advice in the broadest sense of the word. By taking a pro-active approach, I aim to offer advice that helps clients achieve their financial objectives and financial ambitions for the future. I particularly enjoy the challenge of creating financial plans that fit the spectrum of my clients’ very different personal circumstances. Directors and major shareholders, small business owners, and self-employed professionals in particular need a financial coach who can guide them through a changing world. Experience shows that our clients appreciate gaining a better grasp and more control of their current, and future, financial position.”
My career started:
  • 20 years ago
Contact details:
020 – 622 55 09 06 – 270 272 01
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