NAHV year-end tips 2022

With 2022 slowly coming to an end, we would like to give you some useful financial tips so that you can be sure that you end the 2022 tax year in the best way financially possible. Continuing inflation has made everything more expensive and with our tips you can make sure you can save at least some more money. Below is an overview of the most important tips, the complete file is available at the bottom of the page.

Entrepreneurs and individuals

  • Have your preliminary income tax assessment 2022 adjusted by NAHV to avoid unnecessary tax interest (4% annualized) next year.
  • Make optimal use of the investment deduction (your investments must exceed EUR 2,400 on an annual basis and amount to at least EUR 450 per investment) by making necessary investments in your company this year.
  • Save tax by optimizing your ZZP/DGA pension plan before the end of the year. Have NAHV calculate your fiscal space quickly and deposit before the end of the year.
  • and more…

Director major shareholder

  • As a director-major shareholder (hereafter DGA), pay yourself a bonus (and also consider untaxed expense allowances) before the end of the year, so that you can make optimal use of your personal deductions.
  • Have you already used the free space in the working expenses scheme (1.7% over the first EUR 400,000 in salary costs in 2022) in full in 2022? If you have a holding structure as a DGA, optimize profits by using the corporate tax rate step-up.
  • Have NAHV calculate whether switching to the BV makes sense.
  • and more…


  • Have NAHV automate your administration so that it takes less work and you have a better overview of your current situation.

Schedule a meeting with your regular contact at NAHV via Zoom or Teams before the end of the year. You can then discuss with your regular contact person whether the above tips apply to you. You can also discuss the effects of the changes in the law as of January 1, 2023 on your situation. So don’t wait too long and call 020-6225509 or email to make an appointment.

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