NAHV year-end tips 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we've put together some useful fiscal and financial tips to help you end the 2021 tax year in the best way possible. A few of our tips are listed below, and the full overview is available at the bottom of the page.

Income tax

  • Have NAHV adjust your 2021 provisional income tax assessment to avoid unnecessary interest next year (4% annualised).
  • Make the most of the investment deduction (your investments must amount to more than EUR 2,400 on an annual basis and at least EUR 450 per investment) by making necessary investments in your company this year.
  • Save on tax by optimising your ZZP/DGA pension plan before the end of the year. Make your deposit before the end of the year and have NAHV calculate your tax allowance.
  • and more…


  • This year, you can still gift EUR 6,604 to your children tax free or up to EUR 3,244 to your grandchildren tax free.
  • This year, you can still gift EUR 105,302 to your children, provided that your child or their partner is under 40, and the donation is used to purchase, improve, or renovate their home.

Director major shareholder

  • As a DMS, pay out a bonus (and don’t forget untaxed reimbursement of expenses as well) before the end of the year, so you can make the most of your personal deductions.
  • Have you fully used the free margin in the work-related costs scheme (3% of the first EUR 400,000 in wage costs in 2021) for this year?
  • If you have a holding structure as a DMS, optimise your profits by taking advantage of the rate step-ups in corporate tax.
  • and more…


  • Have NAHV and our partners recalculate your disability insurance premium and benefit from initial discounts and a lower premium.
  • Let NAHV automate your administration so that it takes less work and you have more insight into your current situation.
  • Avoid negative interest by spreading your savings across different banks and accounts.​​​​​​​
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